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Research Perspectives

Research bridges the theory and practice of management. Academic rigour is brought to bear on the strategic issues faced by top management, and the research attempts to catalyse creation of high-performance organisations.

  • A New Strategy Sweet-spot: The Global Diversified Configuration
    I hesitated to testify for the viability of organisations that are trying to go global simultaneously across multiple businesses, in my book on the strategic management of Indian companies. The book was taking shape in 2005/06, when the big overseas moves of the groups such as the Tatas, Mahindras and Birlas, were yet to be made.

  • Strategic Management of Indian Companies in a Globalising Arena -- A Series of Articles.
    Strategic management is much misunderstood in India. It is a relatively younger and more intricate subset of the discipline of management. And being concerned with the overall performance and long-term direction, it is the most important mechanism for managers to build successful companies.

  • Corporate Strategy of Indian Organisations: The 'Root - Branch' Framework
    Indian organisations need rigorous and clear corporate strategy approaches to be successful in the globalising and complex business environment. This paper argues that none of the strategy frameworks and responses evolved in the American context is appropriate and adequate.

  • Strategy 'Core' or 'Non-core’
    Leaders and strategist in Indian business have reasons to be perplexed. After being fed with virtues of sticking to the core for over a decade, there seems to be a fly in the whole proposition.

  • Need Strategy Doctrine for Indian Business
    Since the onset of liberalisation, Indian companies have been making concerted efforts to adopt the concepts and approaches of strategic management. It is about looking at a business holistically and from a long-term perspective, in order to achieve and sustain superior performance.

  • A 7-Point Strategy for Uttaranchal
    The state of Uttaranchal comes into being, when India as a nation and the world at large, are going through fundamental shifts in the premises of economic development.