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KarkiAssociates' proposition is based on leading-edge research and its application in about the most extensive range of contexts. "Strategic configuration" is a conceptual breakthrough and five proprietary products aid suitable deployment.
An entity, whether corporate or non-corporate, need distinctive strategy for superior and sustainable performance. The strategy is separate from the operational, in the time horizon, the whats of considerations and components and the hows of evolving one and getting it right. It is also here and now, by being unique to an entity and at a point of time.

The premise of strategy being the 'fit' or alignment of an entity with its operating environment, has been extensively researched and advanced over the last five decades. Dr. Rajnish Karki has explored the phenomenon since early-1990s, especially the application to practice or real-life entities.There are three significant conclusions –

  Strategy is a ‘core logic’ for the desired future state, having well-chosen elements that are in an organism or gestalt-like fit;

   The strategy should define and be delineated in the design of an entity’s business, organisation and leadership components or the “strategic configuration”, to be viable and effective; and,

  The changes in operating environment or internal ones, such as increase in size, shift in stakeholder expectations, etc., necessitate periodic assessment, either to undertake definitive initiatives for retaining momentum or to shift to a new strategy and transform the configuration `altogether.

KarkiAssociates is not only pushing the frontiers of global disciplinary research, for instance the breakthrough conception “strategic configuration”, but also has about the largest repository of experience in application of the conclusions to real-life entities. In addition, recognising the impact of boards in creating and safeguarding value, the governance is being put forth as a new component, although standalone for now.
By morphing into a firm, KarkiAssociates is trying to cater to a larger audience, which will benefit from the breakthroughs and will register significant and sustainable improvements. To aid the application and the induction of resources, the concept and approaches have been productised. The five proprietary products are:

  Configuration Workshop A brief engagement to develop a shared understanding among the top management of existing strategic configuration. The questions raised, inputs and discussion, open avenues for possible improvements and initiatives.

  Configuration Audit A thorough external assessment of the extant configuration, preferably done periodically i.e. once a year or two. It identifies the performance gap vis-ŕ-vis potential and the improvement areas along business, organisation and leadership components.

  Configuration Strategising Is the extant strategic configuration optimal? The intense exploration lays out the alternate strategy options, followed by the extensive dialogue leading to a choice, and the fleshing-out of whats and hows of appropriate configuration.

  Configuring the Quantum Leap Making the leap happen from the existing to the optimal/desired strategic configuration, involving business and organisational transformation. Overall guidance and support, and accountability for some key timelines and results.

  Configuring the Impact Making the high-impact initiatives happen, that will strengthen and give momentum to the extant strategic configuration. Shared or direct accountability for the execution and results, with suitable handover and re-integration processes.

Notwithstanding the products, each client situation is approached as unique and the specific questions, methods and schedules will be defined prior to an engagement. While a senior-resource holds direct responsibility of an engagement, the KarkiAssociates operates as a unitary firm, and the whole of expertise and resources are brought to bear for ensuring success.